Meeting with the Municipality of Delta 17/9/2021

Meeting with the Municipality of Delta 17/9/2021

Representatives from the EPIPELAGIC consortium had a meeting today 17/9/2021 with a group of engineers and employees from the Municipality of Delta in Sindos.

From the Municipallity part, Mr. Georgios Glossis – Deputy Mayor for Development, Works and Civil Protection led the discussion whereas from the EPIPELAGIC team Mr. Kontopoulos (GSH) and Dr. Grammalidis (CERTH) were also participating.

During the fruitful discussion, several aspects of the dangers and challenges that the greek case study faces were discussed, as well as the progress and sub-components of EPIPELAGIC platform were briefly presented. Additionally, the organization of a dedicated workshop for the finalization of the end-users requirements was decided for the upcoming weeks.

EPIPELAGIC project aims to build a strong relation with the local authorities and especially the Municipality of Delta as a main stakeholder and potential user of EPIPELAGIC DSS platform.

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