First GPS-GNSS measurement campaign, June 2021

First GPS-GNSS measurement campaign, June 2021

The Epipelagic Project is excited to announce the successful completion of its inaugural GPS-GNSS measurement campaign, a significant achievement that took place in June 2021. A total of 24 points were scheduled to be implemented in the study area with the objective of monitoring micro transmissions.

The study area includes the coastal zone of Thermaikos Gulf extending from the area of Nea Agathoupoli (Regional Unit of Pieria District) and incudes agricultural and fishery infrastructure, to the area of Dendropotamos (Regional Unit of Thessaloniki) which has mainly industrial, urban and port infrastructure.

The coordinates and the altitude of each station were measured using GPS/GNSS equipment which provides the ability to record in dual frequency and monitor 3-D movements giving accuracy in cm.

For more information about the Epipelagic Project and its ongoing efforts, stay tuned.

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