2nd GPS/GNSS surveying campaign in May-June 2022

2nd GPS/GNSS surveying campaign in May-June 2022

In May-June 2022 a second GPS-GNSS measurement campaign have been organized for the study of the Surface Deformation of the Axios Delta National Park and the Kalochori region.

Therefore, only 18 survey points on the ground, could be found from the previous campaign. Unfortunately, one reference station was destroyed during the land survey between May and June 2022 and 5 points were omitted due to accessibility difficulties or technical issues, such as lack of mobile coverage. Moreover, the nearest (in Thessaloniki area) dual frequency, geodetic G.P.S. stations, continuously recording (HEPOS or other networks) were utilized as reference stations in the two surveys.

Comparing the results of the two surveys, minor movements are found. The survey duration of each point was 200 continuous records while calculating and saving the average value.

For more information about the Epipelagic Project and its ongoing efforts, stay tuned.

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